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About Learn Spanish New York Great location
Located on 14th Street next to Union Square, Learn Spanish New York insitute sits at the heart of art, culture and education in Manhattan.

Affordable and effective
Our courses are reasonably priced yet designed by greatly experienced instructors who specialize in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. You will be speaking Spanish from day one, and upon completion of a certain series of courses you'll be able to start conversation classes and meetups. We also provide training for the official DELE exam. —the internationally recognized diploma of Spanish as a foreign language (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera). Our classes are well structured, but always take place in a relaxed, cordial and fun atmosphere. Our instructors will receive constant training to stay abreast of new methods and improve their teaching skills.

Explore the world with new eyes
Learning a language also means taking a virtual tour of the countries that speak it: their cities, people, foods, dances and traditions. Learn Spanish New York offers you that opportunity. There are more than 20 Spanish-speaking countries on four continents. Learn the language, and eliminate all uncertainties when traveling to any of those destinations. Spanish may also open study and business doors for you.

The Founder

Juana Rodríguez, our academic director, who is in charge of designing the curriculums and training our teachers, brings over 35 years of teaching experience. She hails from Argentina. From 1993 to 2006, Juana specialized in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language with Instituto Cervantes and several colleges and universities in Lebanon. She taught the language to people of all ages – from middle schoolers, to business executives – and pursued specialized training in Spain. Earlier on, Juana had served as vice principal of a private school in Argentina, following many years of demonstrated excellence as an elementary school teacher in public and private schools. During that span (more than 20 years), Juana participated in several local and national seminars to improve education nation-wide. Juana moved to the United States in 2010 and is looking forward to seeing her unparalleled experience come to fruition yet again in the service of New York City’s would-be Spanish speakers.

Benjamín Morillo
Benjamín has a long career as a Spanish language instructor, writer and editor. Ben founded his own Spanish language school in Dominican Republic and presented many Spanish language lectures and workshops at schools, universities and institutes over the years. Ben is actively involved in teaching methodologies and has writen several related books such as "Cómo Estudiar con Provecho". In addition to his wonderful career, Ben is an active member of several non-profit organizations that promote learning for the underserved communities. His charisma and experience in the teaching field can be enjoyed in every class.

Hector F. Segura - MA, PhD
Hector is Talented multilingual professional. With over 15 years of academic and corporate experience in teaching the Spanish language, Hector is a Skillful teacher of all levels of Spanish. Also, recognized for his doctorate level knowledge of anthropology and social science, English-Spanish translation services, Spanish language proofreading and editing, and his Multicultural sensitivity and awareness of socio-economic, ethnic and gender diversity.

Lisa S.
Headed from her native country of Colombia, while studying English in NYC, Lisa is currently a candidate for a Masters in the Spanish / English translation at CUNY college. Trained in Spanish as a Foreign Language, Lisa has a great way to make her students feel comfortable speaking Spanish all through from the first day of class. Having travelled and studied in several countries in South America, including Argentina and Chile, Lisa is well versed in different accents and hispanic cultures.

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