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Free Spanish Class
Free Spanish class NYC


Registrations for free classes open up to 5 days prior to the class.

Free classes will be on hold during Covid-19. Regular classes are available Virtually or in Person. View more...

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Free Spanish classes NYC

We offer Free Spanish classes every month as a way to provide an opportunity for students to get involved in the Spanish language. Sessions content will range from complete beginner classes to intermediate. Classes are fun and interactive 1-2 hour sessions. Walk-ins are welcome (provided there are available spaces).

Free Beginner Spanish classes:

Greetings and Basic Instructions. Learn how to introduce yourself, telling our name and asking other ones their names and last names. Introduce where are you from and ask where the others are from. Learn the Spanish Alphabet and the numbers from 0 to 20. Learn the very basic survival instructions to communicate with natives. ( I don’t understand, repeat please, What does it mean, Can you spell it?…) Learn some basic cultural tips about Hispanic Countries.

Personal information. Learn about personal information such as how to say/ask profession, address, Telephone number, Email. Learn the number from 20 to 100 and the main difference between tu and usted (the formal and informal Spanish you form). Learn some Basic Spanish Cultural tips related with the personal information in The Hispanic countries.

Numbers, Family and Descriptions. Learn to talk/ask about family members and relations. Basics about Civil Status ( married, number of kids…). Learn the physical and psychological attributions to describe yourself and others such us eyes color, Hair type, personality..etc. Role playing to practice the previous Spanish lessons.
Join us for our monthly free Spanish sessions. Classes are fun and interactive 1-2 hour sessions. Walk-ins are welcome (provided there are available spaces).

Tentative upcoming dates:
These classes are not yet opened. If free seats open, they'll show on top of the page and you have to book them by using the ADD TO CART button.

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