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Learn Spanish New York is a Spanish language School founded in 2013 in Union Square, downtown Manhattan.

Spanish classes in NYC

We aim to provide affordable in-person and online Spanish courses in NYC as well as cultural activities and events to those interested in learning Spanish. From beginner to advanced, and all levels in between, our goal is to help you instantly immerse in the Spanish Language as well as to provide you with the best value for each course.

Our instructors:
Learn Spanish New York's courses are always taught by native Spanish speaking tutors from around the world who will enrich your learning experience well beyond that of the classes' content and into the language culture. Most, if not all, of our instructors are or were students themselves (of English) and they fully understand the challenges and effort put behind learning a new language. This said, you can rest assure you will be in excellent hands!

Our courses:
Spanish language classes can be fun! Our lessons are based on the world-class method of Spanish as a Foreign Language, one of the proven best ways to learn a language. Our Spanish immersion programs use the approach of fully Spanish-spoken classes from day one. With this method you'll find yourself speaking Spanish quicker than you thought possible. What's most important, you'll be learning Spanish every minute during your classes, therefore building the confidence that you need in real life situations when traveling. For those of you looking to learn Spanish quickly and/or on a budget, beyond single classes, you may review our Work-Study exchange programs through which you can take full courses for FREE.

Why Learn Spanish?

Spanish-speaking countries offer new career and business opportunities every day, besides internationally acclaimed works of cinema, literature, theater, music, more. Did you know that Spanish is the most popular language in the world after english? Speaking Spanish, you can travel with confidence to more than 20 countries and 4 continents, connect local people, even make friends abroad at home.

Level 1. Part 2 (4 Sessions): Jul 11-Aug 01, Thursdays 6:00 PM-830 PM.  In Person Level 1. Part 2 (4 Sessions): Jul 11-Aug 01, Thursdays 6:00 PM-830 PM. In Person

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(Beginner Spanish. at Learn Spanish New York).

Our Price: $315.00
In person.
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Online Spanish Lessons NYC Private Spanish Lessons

Private Spanish Classes
One on One and online Spanish classes tailored to your needs and schedule. From beginners to intermediate, choose the topics from conversation, beginner, travel, office, location, business, medical and healthcare and much more.

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I loved the Spanish 1.1 course. By the third class we were starting to speak and do dummies of real life scenarios. I loved my instructor, very friendly , patient and knowledgeable (It seems he was a Spanish teacher in his native country). I'm definitely taking Spanish 1.2. Thank you guys! 

by Mikka S, New York, NY United States.

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Updates COVID-19

All classes are temporarily offered as online via our fully interactive Virtual classrooms, until COVID-19 is no longer a concern.
It's simple, we'll email all registrants a link to join in. We'll allow in-Person attendance when it becomes possible.
There'll be a 48 hours refund policy for any courses starting after Mar 12, that need be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Other notes
* For any in person visitors, we have a strict sanitizing policy in place (required from all visitors).
* Any ongoing group classes are kept below 7 students. 
* There are no group gatherings around the common areas.

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