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The Basics - Single day classes/ Groupon Deal
Spanish workshops NYC


S.O.S. Spanish workshops and Groupon Deals at Learn Spanish New York

If you are looking for a single day class to help you out asap, you can choose any of the topics below. Conveniently located at Union Square, steps from all major train stations, schedule each class as it best suits your schedule, either all three as a package, or one by one. Because we are a year round Spanish School, if you'd like to continue your learning after these sessions, our NYC Spanish Safari sessions would be a great addition to have a hands on practice, or continue on to a 20 hour course. These lessons are purposely made at a classroom setting as a way to intensify your initial learning of the most needed topics. Classes will include videos and role playing. Some of the most popular lessons are:

1. Greetings and Basic Instructions. $55.00 Learn how to introduce yourself, telling our name and asking other ones their names and last names. Introduce where are you from and ask where the others are from. Learn the Spanish Alphabet and the numbers from 0 to 20. Learn the very basic survival instructions to communicate with natives. ( I don’t understand, repeat please, What does it mean, Can you spell it?…) Learn some basic cultural tips about Hispanic Countries.

2. Personal information. $55.00 Learn about personal information such as how to say/ask profession, address, Telephone number, Email. Learn the number from 20 to 100 and the main difference between tu and usted (the formal and informal Spanish you form). Learn some Basic Spanish Cultural tips related with the personal information in The Hispanic countries.

3. Numbers, Family and Descriptions. $55.00 Learn to talk/ask about family members and relations. Basics about Civil Status ( married, number of kids…). Learn the physical and psychological attributions to describe yourself and others such us eyes color, Hair type, personality..etc. Role playing to practice the previous Spanish lessons.

GOT A GROUPON VOUCHER? Here is how to book your class:
1- Scroll to the bottom of this page to find the dates of your choice.
2- Copy and paste this promo code on the shopping cart under "Coupons": LSNYGROUPON
3- Provide your Groupon Voucher at the area indicated at the check out screen. This is the 8 digit number under the bar-code. (it's different than the "Groupon number" at the bottom of screen).