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At Learn Spanish New york, you can find Spanish language textbooks and workbooks that are difficult to find anywhere else.
We import them directly from Spain, and offer the them at low prices.

After testing several books in thousands of classes, over 10 years, the book of choice for our Spanish Language courses is: "Ele Actual". We find that this book is adequate for a dynamic and smooth learning experience.

However, we will be adding other books to our sale collection. Please browse below to find what we have in stock.
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ELE Actual A1 ELE Actual A1

Our Price: $37.00
ELE Actual A2 ELE Actual A2

Our Price: $37.00
ELE Actual B1 ELE Actual B1

Our Price: $37.00
ELE Actual B2 ELE Actual B2

Our Price: $37.00