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At Learn Spanish New York language School we provide Spanish courses, private lessons and online classes for for adults for all levels and schedules. Our class structure of Spanish as a Foreign Language - *ELE"- is the method of choice for quickly improving your conversational skills and learning Spanish. Lessons are dynamic, full of fun and content, and Spanish is spoken from day one and every minute of every class. This will accelerate your language skills and provide the best value for your investment.

Review our courses, take a quiz, choose what course level is best for you and learn Spanish in a breeze. Conveniently located at 14TH Street in Union Square, steps from all major trains. We have something for everyone, from single day Spanish classes to 8-lesson courses and personalized private instruction for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Our lessons are affordable yet designed by greatly experienced and native Spanish speaking tutors who specialize in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We offer classes in from summer- winter, weekends and evenings.

Through our method, you will advance gradually and systematically by means of fun learning activities. Our courses are well structured, yet always take place in a relaxed, cordial and fun atmosphere. Our instructors will receive regular training to stay abreast of new methods and improve their teaching skills.

Our goals throughout the programs are to:

  • Equip you to understand and convey real-world information around you.
  • Let you discover the joy of learning a new language.
  • Spark your desire to learn more, creating momentum towards more advanced courses.
  • Gear you up for the study of vocabulary, grammar and essential communication functions.

You will be speaking Spanish from day one, and upon completion of a certain series of courses you'll be able to start conversation classes and meetups. If you choose to take the official DELE, the internationally recognized diploma of Spanish as a foreign language (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera), we have dedicated training to prepare you for this exam.

Each course is 20 hours.The recommended frequency is twice weekly.
If you'd like to take a course that is not yet on schedule, you may Request a new class date or schedule Private Spanish lessons.

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16-hour course at only $699. One on One and online Spanish classes tailored to your needs and schedule. From beginners to intermediate, choose the topics from conversation, beginner, travel, office, location, business, medical and healthcare and much more.

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