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Work Study Program
Spanish Language Exchange Program




Our workstudy program, allows you to take free Spanish courses in exchange for work hours.

Who is this program for?
For anyone interested in studying Spanish while avoiding the fees associated with it. If this is your case, please continue to view details and apply below. NOTE: This is not a paid job, if you are looking for a paid job, this is not the right choice for you.

Most of our courses are 20 hours, split in 8 sessions. You may select anywhere from 2 to 8 courses from those posted in the application form. No need to worry about matching a particular Spanish level, we'll match you based on the details on your resume and the available courses. View Courses

WORK DETAILS: Office Assistant

• Answering phone calls and aiding students and clients with general questions and bookings.
• Setting up and maintaining classrooms, Entering data, Running errands. Light book-keeping.
• Other responsibilities as determined based on your skills as well as current school projects.

To get started, please fill in the application form