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Levels of Assessment
I only want to improve my pronunciation, but I'm not all that interested in writing and reading. What can I do?
  You can register for a conversation course, provided that you've completed level A2. (take an Online level Quiz here.)
I took Spanish at school. Which level should I sign up for?
  Because our methods are much more intensive than those used at most schools (Spanish as a Second Language), generally students having completed 3 years of Spanish lessons in High school will qualify for Spanish 1.2. Although, depending on your practical experience or background, you may well qualify for higher levels. We recommend taking our online level quiz for Spanish 1.2 first.
I’m not sure what my level is. How can I find out?
  For your convenience we have setup an automated online level quiz with instant results. Online assessment quizzes are a pre-qualification that determines how good you are at "the Fundamentals". (grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension). If you feel confident

If after completing the quiz you are confident that your communication skills -writing, speaking & listening comprehension (not tested on the online quiz) match the level of your performance at the online quizzes (the fundamentals), you can go ahead and register for the qualifying course.

Free course switches will be available after the first class should the level of the course registered for does not match with your needs.

I’ve taken Spanish courses at other institutes. Can I continue where I left off?
  Certainly. Any courses that are based on the international standard known as “ELE” (Spanish as a foreign language) are compatible with our system. For your reference, courses using any of these books "ELE Actual" SM editorial, or "GENTE", or "PLANETA" are based on the "ELE" method.

To determine what level to pick, please consider that each of our level courses is 20 hours. Feel free to test by yourself using our Online level Quiz.