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Private Classes
Can I take a private conversation class?
  Conversation can only be taken on specific courses. The level required to join these courses is completion of A2. level.
Do you offer private classes focusing on specific fields (business, law, medicine/Health care)?
  Certainly. Private classes can be customized to cover almost any topic or specialized field. We call these “EFE” (Spanish with specific objectives) classes. You simply need to tell us what your interest is and we will tailor the conversations accordingly. For this type of class, you need to have completed an advanced-level course.

These are some examples of business topics covered in private classes:

* Business management
* Macroeconomy and microeconomy (for example, banking, the stock exchange, international indices, etc.)
* Insurance — car, business, life, etc.
* Presentations and conferences
* Medical and Health care
If your level is a lower than advanced, you can request that the material used, closest matches with your interest. However, please note that grammar and other needed topics will be included as needed.

Sample lower level Business Private class:
Arriving at a hotel, Speaking over the phone at work or doing business, Interviewing for a Job (as an employee or employer), business dinners.
I would like to take a private course, but I can’t attend for 15 hours. Can I take a shorter class?
  Depending on your experience and level, we might at times offer courses of half duration, such as an 8-hour course. Please inquiry at
View thorough information on private classes here.